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At RFWS, You’re More Than Just a Client... You’re Family

Financial Planning for Central Florida & Beyond

Why Us?

We’re A Family Duo Dedicated to Providing Financial Guidance to You & Yours

We are Wesley and Kimberly Reed, and we’re glad you’re here. As you collaborate with us, you’ll find that our approach is quite different than your typical financial firm. We listen closely to your story, care deeply about your life, and are not just here for you as financial professionals — but as your lifelong partners.

Family of four holding hands

Personal Wealth Advice for Individuals and Families

Throughout Central Florida & Surrounding Communities

Family looks a little different to everyone. You may have kids, or you may not. You may be in a domestic partnership. You may be married or were once married, but things have changed for any number of reasons. We believe that you define what “family” means to you, and we embrace whatever that may be.

Let’s Create a Roadmap Forward

Whether you’re an individual, couple, or multigenerational family, we’ll look at your unique financial situation and identify ways to help build, protect, and maintain your wealth for lifelong stability.

Life Is Unpredictable

But Your Financial Future Shouldn’t Be

With solutions designed to help endure through life’s unknowns, have a feeling of confidence with a plan in place to refine financial strategy.

Explore What We Offer